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VW Beetle & 1300

Forty years after the sharpest Series Beetle ever, the abbreviation GSR lives at the Beetle again. It’s all a question of Yellow? must be the Beetle occur quite verschaukelt. First they forbid him to Retrogetue, emphasize in the course of even the Bordblumenvase – and then they start a special model, again verkuppelt him with the car, with which he may have a lot actually no longer do so correctly. For this, the vermilion with the name: they call him Beetle, New Beetle no longer like the old new, but only Beetle. Where: His real name is yes The Beetle – at least that is everywhere. Probably because he is underlining again that he is not a Beetle, but the only true one. So be it.

VW Beetle The Beetle Anyway, there are now as GSR – whether again or for the first time, you may make with yourself. The mean three letters spelled out then as now nothing more far-reaching than Yellow-Black Renner, what the VW product strategist but has the same times prompted to offer it in gray. But even in the historically correct dress he does not quite set the tone of his idol. Meanwhile, saturn yellow primary color lights quietschiger than the remix, which by their first names even Saturn, but then – called Yellow – exactly.

VW 1303 The original has it 40 years ago, of course, easier. Wolfsburg, in the early seventies. For a year, the Beetle is the most produced car in the world than you at Volkswagen cooking up the idea to accommodate the rally fever rampant in the country with a sporty version. Lots of experience you have with special models not then what it is plain that the Beetle for decades sold anyway. So at first it is clear only the base: the 1303, that is thirteen-hole Three, which is the most advanced Bug with individually mounted to the struts front wheels, the double-joint axle, front disc brakes, a panoramic windscreen and the elephant’s foot tail lights that it ever will be.