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Opel Mokka

About one year after the introduction of the Opel Mokka the 140-hp turbo gasoline engine now comes with front wheel drive. AUTO BILD has already driven it.

Opel comes with perhaps the most important drive variant of mocha on the market: the 1.4-liter turbocharged petrol engine with front wheel drive and six-speed manual transmission. This combination has the potential to bring the seller mocha another paragraph high. After all, Opel has sold nearly 20,000 units in 2012 of the compact SUVs. The engine is the same as in the four-wheel drive gasoline engine with 140 hp and 200 Newton meters of torque. And brings the Mocha also good on their toes. However, the front quickly feels slightly when it rains. Despite the thick size 215 tires on 18-inch wheels, the wheels slip in city traffic sometimes surprising on the wet asphalt. On cross-country trips and on the highway, the Mocha feels much better. The gears of the six-speed gearbox follow well matched, only the difference between the fifth and sixth baggy gear is almost imperceptible. Since the fifth would still be translated something more powerful.

When shifting from second gear is noticeable that the switching path is unusually long in the middle lane, just as if you want to switch from the Sixth to the bottom. Even at high speeds, it is in this Mokka not too loud to talk. The 1.7-liter CDTI with 130 hp rumbles much louder and more unpleasant, and for 1450 euros extra. The mocha with the 1.4 turbo and front-wheel drive will cost at least 22,325 euros. It is available incomprehensibly until the second equipment line “Edition”. From 24,185 Euro’s mocha the same engine in conjunction with the all-wheel drive and six-speed transmission – driving and agile is better on the road. But this comfort the customer pays twice: 1860 € extra charge and a slightly higher consumption.

The Mocha 1.4 turbo with front-wheel drive may well inspire Opel’s upward trajectory. Attractive the vehicle would be but if it was not available until the second equipment line “Edition”, but even in the simple equipment “Selection”. Then he would clearly stand out from the more successful mocha 1.4 Turbo with all wheel.