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McLaren P1

McLaren combines a 737-hp V8 with a 179 horsepower electric motor. The result is called P1 and costs 1.067 million euros. First drive report! Because while I hum this takes away the senses, I am sitting inMcLaren P1 – those Karbonflunder that is lined up Porsche 918 Spyder to teach and LaFerrari fear – and shoot perceived speed of light from the pit lane. This car runs now with the ridiculous 179 hp and 260 Nm of the electric machine, the McLaren has put the V8 engine to the side.

Only the electric motor would be enough

The P1 relies on carbon where it gets. It weighs 1.4 tonnes to around 916 hp.

Not to save fuel, of course, although the P1 depends even without any Nitro hybrids loosely over 160 km / h and accelerates in just 8.4 seconds respectable to 100 kph, enough of the plug-in battery even for ten kilometers and the electrical consumption mathematically suppressed to a mere 8.3 liters. But to accelerate the low-flying aircraft that one know what hit you. In this case, each motor has more power for itself than it does the license well.After all, even the 3.8-liter twin-turbo comes to 737 hp and 720 Nm. But at least if both play together, the P1 races away like a rocket. And I’m Major Tom and completely detached at once.

Spaceship on wheels

Also inside the bolide are straightforward, the buttons on the steering wheel bring fun.

Because the McLaren P1 is not a car like any other, not even a race car, but a space ship on wheels: With the combined power of 916 hp, it punishes the physics lie and makes my coordinate system to falter. If the Launch Control engaged, then it is as if you explode in advance. And if one switches on for boosting the electric motor as a Formula 1 driver his KERS, it’s as if you were an afterburner light – but not for two, but ideally for about 30 seconds. So I fly with not even 1.20 meters high flounder on the track in a frenzy: 2.8 seconds from 0 to 100, compared to 6.8 seconds to 200 things and after 16.5 seconds speed 300 – for that you need otherwise a pilot’s license. And I do not mean the by Lufthansa! The Pirelli tear so firmly on the asphalt, that one would not be surprised if the earth suddenly turns backwards.To be brutally acceleration has never before felt.