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Chevrolet Camaro Coupe

Close your eyes and “Sixteen, red, even.” And that’s it. Everything playful. All gone. So go away. Leaving Las Vegas. Outside the Bellagio casino is the lemon-yellow Camaro. Thousand dollars on the right number – and I would buy it. Immediately. Bar with a smile. So however: only borrowed. For the trip to Los Angeles. Nearly 500 km including detour in the desert of Red Rock Canyon. Where it is silent. No Las Vegas noise. Only the roar of my V8. Unlucky at cards, lucky in love. Me and my Camaro. Even if it’s just a quickie. But what a …

Deep into the sport seat. Hi, my baby! No start button, but a key with a beard. Pure Plug, wrist, foot on the accelerator: eight-cylinder sound. Madman grin. Again gas at idle. Then a loud “Goodbye, Las Vegas!” Because the road is calling. To top left press this small, suede covered stick shift – and leave a black farewell on the Strip. Somewhere behind the hood lies north, is Downtown Vegas where I could continue playing with my last few coins. But I prefer to bend left, to the west, behind me, the sun rises before me the city limits. Soon behind it: the National Park Red Rock Canyon. Early in the morning is not anything going on at the 21-mile scenic route along the red rocks. While here applies a speed limit of 56 km / h, but the Rangers still sleep safely. So make traction control to the devil and the one way system through the nature reserve to the north loop.

The course will be purely beaten; well, that they may have. The new Camaro from the beauty of the operating room, where he face and ass were made ​​new, dances through the curves. Can jubilantly captured again, and cry together man and machine when downshifting all their shamelessness out. Imprecise steering? Understeer? Does not matter! Sophistication are times only the other day. Sure, of course: This “I’ll give gas, I want to have fun” attitude may 2014 not be up to date, and certainly not very mature – but: pfffff. Who wants to be reasonable, please go there first ran right. But I go further. A Camaro is not Großkotz-car, no rednecks Porsche and certainly not a red race car. Sure, he’s rude, but he is not aggressive. He looks a lot less nasty than some bad German. It is not overloaded with technology, he reflects on what he is – a powerhouse in the yellow muscle shirt. versions of Red Rock and right around. Break, I’m only at the Bonnie Springs Ranch, where the Wild West is so artificially kept alive, as it is only possible between Las Vegas and Hollywood. Shootings and treasure hunters – all just a big illusion.

But truth is my car and this price: 92,57 Euro. How much does it cost when a Camaro PS. An almost unbeatable value (only for comparison: the new 911 cost € 260 hp). 432 hp for less than 40,000 euros. So the car is now at German Chevrolet dealers (as long as it still exists, because 2016 is closing with Chevy in Europe). It is the amerikansche dream for the country roads between Travemünde and Tussenhausen. But today: Highway no. 15 Still 240 miles to Los Angeles. A white, tattered fourth-generation Camaro overtaken me. Admiring glances of a young couple, because their version is unfortunately a disaster, and she was apparently treated. On the way to LA I search the satellite radio stations: on channel 125 I could hear talk shows with Republicans (not sure). In “E Street Radio” on Channel 20 nothing but Bruce Springsteen (better!). I choose “The 60th on 6″ – music from the first Camaro’s. It is dark when I arrive in LA. The Hollywood Boulevard is blocked. So around the bottom, on the Melrose Avenue, driving slowly past the Tätowierstuben and record stores, to small boutiques and dark bars. Here is my journey ends in the new Camaro. And a few coins for the parking meter are still left to me from Las Vegas. Specification Chevrolet Camaro Coupe V8, longitudinally front • Displacement 6162 cm ³ • Power 318 kW (432 hp) at 5900/min • max. Torque 569 Nm at 4600 rpm • • Rear-wheel drive six-speed manual gearbox • L / W / H 4837/1917/1360 mm • fuel consumption of 14.1 litres/100 km (Super) • 0-100 km / h in 5,2 s • Price from 39,990 euros.