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Jeep Cherokee

First ride in the new Jeep Cherokee

In June 2014, the fourth generation of the Jeep Cherokee is coming to Germany – with a new design and new technology. What did the Ami on it? The first drive report.

Light pimples taillights: The rear of polarized new Jepp Cherokee.

Once upon a time … So catch usually only in fairy tales. And even the saddest often have a happy ending. Finally, even from the ugly duckling in the end was a radiant swan. The also have many hoped for when Jeep has taken a year ago at the motor show in New York the cloth from the new Cherokee, now after a few years Europe-break also with us in the summer to estimate prices around 36,000 euros back against cars such as the Toyota RAV-4 or the BMW X3 compete. Because beauty was the exhibition model with its hooked nose, his slit eyes and the high rear with the two light spots of the rear lights really not. But this time the Brothers Grimm have the Jeep fans let down: On design, nothing has changed.

Although the Cherokee for Jeep is now already a tradition model, the 1974 goes back to the AMC Cherokee. However, with the old braids, Americans have nothing to do. This applies to the futuristic design that can be seen only at the seven bars in the grille, as well as for technology. Even under the sheet metal is no single component has been virtually taken over.

New, more economical four-cylinder for the base model

Thus, the 4.63 meter long is Jeep Cherokee on a completely new platform with a proud 2.70 meters wheelbase, the Alfa Giulietta goes back and continues with a new drive: The base model now gets a four-cylinder with 2.4 liters displacement and 184 hp, which is also a new nine-speed automatic manages the interaction with only 7.6 liters or 45 percent more economical than the previous is V6 engine. For fans of the old school, there is a new six-cylinder with 3.2 liter displacement and 271 hp. And for the Europeans, it is also a Multijet from Fiat passed with 140 or 170 hp. Although all this is to serve the economy, the Americans have their repertoire not quite maxed out. Because the petrol engine have neither a direct nor a start-stop system.

V6 engine can not completely convince

Not enough oomph: The big V6 of the Cherokee could not convince entirely up to the first exit.

In the first test drive in the U.S., however, the big V6 engine can only partly convincing: When he’s up and running, he’s doing quite well, and you comfortably cruising down the highway. But when starting to go somewhere lost a couple of maximum 316 Newton meters of torque in the gear train. Not that the Cherokee would be too slow, at least he manages the sprint in less than seven seconds and reaches 220 km / h But who actually buys a V6 engine against the trend to diesel and downsizing, the expected more oomph. And he expects an automatic, which is not quite as often chokes when downshifting as the otherwise perfect nine-speed structure.

The suspension tuning is still not optimal

The chassis is at most upscale average. The off-road variant Trailhawk is jacked up by almost three inches, has for the tough off-piste various locks, special travel programs for any terrain and even an off-road cruise control. But on the road, the all-wheel drive when starting up in tight corners braced sometimes markedly. And at least the thick transverse joints on the American highways hit frequently to the rafters. If they have changed anything already on the design, then the Americans should at least bring the vote a little more spruced up before the cars roll in Bremerhaven from the ship.
Inside awaits the Customer a at least at first glance very fine world of vinyl and leather. However, the material on the second glance, arg cheap, the plastics are hard to the ridges too coarse and the wood in the doors a bad joke. Return, but the Americans make a nice wink, characterize the founding year of the brand in 1941, the steering wheel and you climb over a rock in the windshield frame an original Jeep.

Large touchscreen with online navigation

And more important: With a host of new amenities and assistance systems proves the traditional brand that it has now arrived in the modern era: In the center console sports a large touch screen with online navigation, hotspot and AppStore, behind the wheel, there is a second large screen , and with a camera behind the rearview mirror monitors the Cherokee on the choice of the lane and the distance to the vehicle ahead. Advances to the too close to my body, heads the electronics now automatically an emergency braking a.