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Bentley Continental GT V8

It is only one letter – S – and otherwise mainly a lot of software. But if it is delivered in June 2014 at prices starting from € 180 285 for the coupe and 198 373 Euros for the Cabriolet, the new Bentley Continental GT V8 S, then it is likely that very reason even go a bit sportier in the fast lane. To cut the long way to the twelve-cylinder engine, the British also a sport version of their eight-cylinder then offer. Deeper Aprons, another grill and a new chip and a little more turbo pressure for the engine – at first glance has changed in the hurried nobles little project manager Paul Jones. “The hardware we have not touched,” admitted the manager. But who is to the left of the steering wheel turns the ignition key, the huge shift knob brand baseball bat on S pushes and pushes all the way down the right leg, listen to the same, which is played for a musical. The new sport exhaust growls and roars the usually cultivated loyalty to the king so furious that even Porsche or Aston Martin drivers get the fear.

All about Bentley: The Nobel-athletes at a glance.
And then only the acceleration. Although you think you are on the wide leather armchairs of classy lined Continental GT like a sedate luxury liner. But suddenly the big boat goes down like a speedboat. The new control chip and the 0.1 bar more pressure for the two turbochargers in the middle of the eight-cylinder V tickle from the four liter engine now 528 instead of 507 hp and raise almost completely flat torque line again to 20 Nm. So when the lift on the all-wheel drive and the wide 20-inch wheels impressive 680 Newton meters in the asphalt, then suddenly feel even the 2.5 tonnes of convertibles and even the 2.3 tons of coupes quite slightly. Especially if one accelerates from 0 to 100 in 4.3 seconds, even beyond 180 km / h kickdown still leaps forward and daring perk so on can drive on the open road and sufficient until the speedometer needle at some point in 309 km / h stops.

Two and a half tons are a bit too much

GT V8 S: 21 more hp to an inch lowered suspension, larger camber on the front axle and stiffer springs.

Too bad that has not exactly considered the V8 without S as sluggish, comes in 4.6 seconds to 100 and also breaks the 300 mark. Since it is difficult to actually down out 21 bhp of power and 20 Nm more torque – at least as long as the road is fairly straight. Even more than on the straight line therefore you realize the differences from the standard model on a twisty course. Although the all-wheel drive and the variable attenuator have all Continental GT. However, with the an inch lowered suspension, the larger camber on the front axle, the steering realigned and the tighter springs you can at least move a little the limits of physics and make it even in tight turns a bit serious concern. Eventually, however, the liability of the four rubber rollers device to its limits, the ESP is powerless, even the best brakes, in this case, the largest ceramic discs in the car world, once losing the bite, and the whole load is urging considerably to the curve exterior – 2 , 5 tons of convertible remain just 2.5 tons. One can ignore a long time but just not quite forgotten.

21 hp cost 10,000 euros more

In terms of the W12 for 190,000 euros and even on top of speed for around 207,000 euros, the V8 is even as the S model is still a good deal. But who downloaded expecting the surcharge of almost exactly 10,000 euros to the normal eight-cylinder on the power comes on a proud PS-price of 500 euros.