So goes the new Golf R

300 hp, acceleration as a Porsche Boxster. The new Golf R is going on! But the sound in About Golf is more of a disappointment. Driving Report!+

Auto-Tests -

Raussen bitter cold of minus 35 degrees, but we are in the hottest production Golf ever. On icy roads in northern Sweden, Arvidsjaur we turn the first laps in the 300-hp Golf R. And are once quite disappointed. The 2.0-liter turbo sounds like nothing. A short hoarse cough immediately after the start, then nothing, dead pants so to speak. R as rattenscharf? Nee.

Sure, the four-cylinder lies down when accelerating over backward sprints even as a manual switch in just 5.1 seconds (factory specification) to a speed of 100 to 0.6 seconds faster than a Porsche Boxster . And who orders the R with the DSG automatic transmission, which sorts the six possible transitions, in milliseconds, at traffic light sprint even just a blink is slower than a Porsche 911 . However, the right sound, there’s only a button. If I select the small button next to the shift lever to the “race”, not only the dampers are firmer and the engine more bite on the accelerator. At the same time the direct injection finally sounds as snappy as you would expect from a R.

However, here only from 3000 rpm when the turbo with 1.2 bar pressure the inmates thunders a powerful punch to the cross. In the very direct and responsive steering can feel them very little. Like its predecessors, and in contrast to the GTI brings the R its 380 Newton meters over a again revised Haldex coupling to all four wheels. Strong: An electronics recognize just in brisk cornering, when the inside wheels threaten to lose traction and brakes these wheels specifically from the front and rear axle. This makes the R draws even more in the curve, the outer wheels bring more power to the road, and I can give more gas earlier. And still not enough for me, I can the ESP switch to Sport mode. It can then even slight drift to and pulls the car very late back in the right track. In the second stage, I can switch it off the ESP even what is going on in any other golf and only real experts should try. Whether also miss the R sound?