Audi TT

Bring on this Audi TT!

Audi shows the Sportback, the third model of a planned TT family. Why the Ingolstadt necessarily have to bring this concept into series, we explain here.

And again a study to TT . Yes, you might think, when Audi announced to show the third concept of a possible TT family. But all malice vanishes in a flash as soon as the TT Sportback at the Paris Autoalon is facing. As with the Audi A3 sedan the proportions of the four-door model with the strong flared fenders. The bold single-frame grille now consists of a three-dimensional honeycomb pattern whose items straight out want to shoot from the radiator. In the headlight bucket, the already known laser light glows blue.

The front end is almost identical to the normal TT. Only the door handles, inside and out, differ from the sports coupe. Well, the rest we know. So get to the rear! The trunk must be opened by hand, but also weighs hardly anything. The weight of the TT Sportback as in normal TT in the lower part of the vehicle to lower the center of gravity. Above is aluminum used. In the trunk fit 350 liters or how to demonstration with us loose two large pockets.Too heavy should not be, because the sill is really high. For the fumbling falls in the trunk easily, because the door opens wide, like a hatchback usual. On paper, the two individual rear seats would be folded, but this does not work for the study. If it were, the maximum trunk volume would amount to 859 liters.To close the trunk there are two handles at the end of the flap.

In the rear, the sleek body design is noticeable. At a height of 1.86 meters knees hitting the front seats and the headliner threatens to damage the hair. An armrest and lockable storage compartments separate the two co-passengers in the rear compartment of each other. Despite the comfort of the seating and storage Sportback is certainly not for long trips. But jaunts are certainly there. The seats provide enough grip even under dynamic driving style. And that the TT can come off, also like wags his tail, we know since the first test drive . Experience has shown that irregularities are likely to be better absorbed through the twelve centimeters longer wheelbase.