Brabus CLS 850

Brabus CLS 850: First ride in the prototype
The World’s Fastest Sedan

The days of the V12 Biturbo as top engine are counted at Brabus. With more displacement and enlarged turbochargers extract the Bottroper 850 hp from AMG’s 63-aggregate. Take the first exit to the development of carrier CLS.

W hen downsizing but still would wear such fruits: 1150 Newton meters presses back and leather seat into each other intimately, 850 hp clap the horizon violently to the windscreen – the work of eight cylinders, but not twelve. A tough break after 20 years of V12 Regency in Bottrop? Not really. For one thing, the magnificent dozen is not completely sidelined, and secondly expresses the modified V8 biturbo again frightening.

Even the worldly-wise and performance-drenched Brabus technical director Ulrich Gauffrés slips in the first test drive “Oh Sch …” from the lips. That is saying something. “About two years ago we started with the first calculations,” outlines Brabus engineer Jörn Gander the origins of displacement engine, while we are looking at genüsslichem V8 rumble their way out of the blocked cars from Frankfurt city center. “Then we have prepared five sets of prototype parts, including crankshafts, connecting rods and pistons.” Because unlike the 620 – and 730-horsepower levels Brabus pushes the displacement direction of six liters – and calls the whole 850 6.0. 5912 cubic centimeters it is precisely.

Slight rounding may see one that makes AMG ultimately the same. The extra stroke brings a cut from the solid and finely balanced special crankshaft, forged pistons drive the eight hole to 99 mm high. Spezialpleuel and steel cylinder head gaskets are further modifications. “After the parts development, we have the serial loader completely measured on a special turbo test rig and created a loader map, in April 2012 we built the first engine with the specially created, larger loaders together.”