BMW M235i

A driving machine of first quality that looks great and brings back memories: AUTO BILD is the new BMW 2er run as M235i with 326 hp. build silent electric runabouts, slow their M GmbH in M7 or M1 resistant one, afford soon a compact van and put the first series on front-wheel drive to – somehow there is now apparently quite a few killjoys under the BMW-makers. But now hitting the self-appointed guardians of the driving pleasure to come back: When replacing the 1 Series Coupe in the spring of the new 2s, then BMW has again a driving machine of first quality, a handy saloon with rear wheel drive that looks great and even better moves and not in vain memories of the legendary 02er awakens.

Tense muscles

Elegant and athletic drawn than the old 1 Series Coupe, the 2er tired of standing on the street.

In this case, the car already flays in the state powerful impression: Elegant and athletic drawn than the old 1 Series Coupe, the 2er is properly fed on the road. The wheelbase longer, wider track and wrapped the sheet tighter around the body, it acts like a single, strong tense muscle that is just waiting to unload his explosive power. But it is not only the more beautiful, but also the more practical car. For now 4.43 meters, it is about seven inches in length, and defines the width and wheelbase by three inches too. That’s enough for more head and shoulder room for all passengers and a bit more luggage space, which is growing by 20 to 390 liters.

Back seat as penalty

But it does not change the fact that you now do not really want to sit in the back of this car. While one in the first row to 3 or 5 nothing missing, good for the back seat at best as penalty. A fortiori, if the driver wants to have fun with the 2er. And he wants guaranteed.

Because you have to be fairly immune, if one at the wheel of this car does not pack the passion, not you switch to Sport mode and just nimbly on the gas occurs: a close-fitting chassis and extremely low center of gravity, the razor-sharp steering front and rear wheel drive , to an eight-speed automatic transmission with short response times, and a stability control system that does not equal dazwischengrätscht – then the 2er to an asphalt milling machine first quality and is good as a perfect pulse accelerator.

Just do not look at fuel gauge or passenger

Especially if you ride one decides on a knife edge for M235i. It is the sporty top model in the series and continues with a three-liter six-cylinder from which the M GmbH tickled 326 hp and 450 Nm. With hotter sound and relentless accession he begs that he be given the spores. With a broad grin on his lips turning the gears completely, throws himself with even more verve in the curves, brake later and accelerate earlier. One trains with the launch control as long as the perfect racing start until you actually, the sprint from 0 to 100 in 4.8 seconds. As long as (fuel consumption 7.5 liters, practice values ​​not less than ten liters) you do not look at the fuel gauge or the face of his passenger’s (painted in blue, green later), there is nothing that is a spoil this fun.

Soon the green light for M2 with 370 hp?

Handy, unpretentious and almost purist – although the M235i is probably the better M3 and down to the little convincing, at least in Autoquartett top speed of 250 km / h close to the perfect Rennsemmel. But M boss Friedrich Nitschke apparently not enough. He already toying with a M2 with about 370 hp and hopes that he gets it in the months ahead.

But it must be M not always: Of course there is the 2er with other engines and the developers swear by stone and bone, that he (almost) exactly makes so much fun. To select the beginning are three diesel from the 218d with 143 hp on the 220d with 184 hp to the 225d with 218 hp and only once just another gasoline engine, the same ever comes to 184 hp as 220i and thus also provoke a bit tachycardia should .

Aerodynamic tricks and high-tech extras 

In the cockpit there is the most high-tech extras that you might remember from 1, 3 and 4 way – including the Navi-flat on the center console.

Although larger than previously, of the 2 does not weigh more than before, and is in the wind tunnel also become even racier: With a smooth-ground chassis and aerodynamic tricks like the Air-Curtains before the wheels of the drag coefficient drops to 0.29. Together with optimized engines, a standard for all transmission variants start-stop function and fuel saving extras such as the Eco-Pro mode, the sail function for the eight-speed automatic transmission or the perspective Wizard of navigation consumption falls so in the best case to 4.2 liters. There are the vast majority of high-tech extras you 1s, 3s and 4s knows – from Navi-flat above the center console on the touch pad controller on the center console up to the host of driver assistance and infotainment systems, including online destination search and Twitter App.

Priced with well-

During the M235i only starts at 43,750 euros and the price list, with its many extras leaves plenty of room for improvement, the Bavarians have otherwise surprisingly proved much traction in the calculation: Although separate the 2er at a base price of 29,960 euros for the 220i about 3000 Euros from five-door 1 Series. But over the competition, the notchback is not bad because: a similar motorized A3 1.8 TFSI with 180 hp costs as a sedan 27,700 Euros and for a significantly weaker CLA 200 with only 156 hp requires Mercedes already at least 31 862 euros.    Officially, the delivery starts though only on the 1 Of March 2014. But who does not want to wait so long for the BMW has a little goodie: For the first time there is the car as 235i M Racing for the racetrack.Although the costs just 71,000 euros and does not even have power windows, let alone a street legal. But first, the six-cylinder engine produces 333 hp even then – and secondly, this car is now being shipped.