Ferrari 365 GTB / 4 / Iso Grifo GL 350 / Lamborghini Miura P400 S: comparison

Ferrari 365 GTB / 4 / Iso Grifo GL 350 / Lamborghini Miura P400 S: comparison

Super Fast & super sexy

All three come from Italy and are out of reach for most of us. Otherwise, these three super sports as diverse as humanly possible – showdown with 1072 hp.

Bare egehrenswert all three: the Ferrari 365 GTB / 4, better known by the nicknameDaytona , the Lamborghini Miura P400 S and the Iso Grifo. That the number 300 is in their speedos on full scale, something magical, then indulged in the 60s, as in France Riviera between Nice and Saint Tropez rather than nouveau riche oligarchs still Stars of format and style the Dolce Vita and to Paris, no one had thought , not even Mom and Dad Hilton. Because it would be too cliché, we give up the trip to the Mediterranean and let the three dream cars there compete against each other, where the north of Germany in the evening light in front of the photographers lens beautiful shines as the Port of Long Beach. The AUTO BILD SPORTS CARS Crew is the alarm clock that day a little earlier than usual, to appear by no means too late to the showdown.

Time travel to the super cars of yesteryear

How unattainable these cars were for non-millionaires in his lifetime, is when you look in the vehicle documents clearly: first owner of the red Ferrari was glam rock singer Marc Bolan (“Get It On”, “Cosmic Dancer”), the green Lambo parked once in the garage the Emir of Qatar. So the editor as a teen star may even one day feel of the 70s. Or as the Regent of a desert country. It could be worse. So we beam us back to those years whenLamborghini invented the modern supercar and Ferraris had suddenly look pretty old cumbersome front-engined GTs. We reveal how the Super cars drive today from yesterday and feel – relentlessly and without false reverence. At the end we know not only which is the three fastest, but also who is best fit for the daily tour to the private on General Aviation Terminal.

Ferrari 365 GTB / 4 “Daytona” He’s the Playboy Racer par. End of the 60-year intones his twelve-cylinder the final chord to the golden era of front-engined sports car. So yes nobody is irritated that the ultimate Gran Turismo is like a seaside resort in Florida: The Ferrari 365 GTB / 4 Daytona is obviously so Italian like a Botticelli angel and yet so beautiful, as if to the naked Venus at its beaches before Cyprus upstage. Hard to believe that the young Pininfarina designer Leonardo Fioravanti for this piece of auto-eroticism just needed seven days. An acclaimed triple victory of the Ferrari P4 prototype at the American 24-hour race in 1967 in Daytona Beach are Ferraris initially last mid-engine super sports car without his nickname. Only: Officially called the 365 GTB / 4 never like this. In its main features the 4.4-liter V12 engine is based on that power plant, which has the original Ferrari 125 S drives. And the driver feels this racing relationship already on the first meters: The motor with its two camshafts per bank weighs heavily on the front axle. Low engine Herumgejuckel is not his world.

Iso Grifo GL 350 with Corvette V8 of Grifo belfert against the twelve-cylinder Italian divas. The comparison shows that even the underdog among the Italo-sports car is the Anschmachtens worthy. It combines the best of two worlds: Stringy Design from Italy and grizzlybärige V8 power from America. Under his hood, to the no fat penthouse perched like the seven-liter top model, thumps the ground drive from the house ofChevrolet : 5.4 liter displacement, only one camshaft, but good for 350 hp.

Brief interlude 

Unfortunately, Iso-story is told far too quickly. Renzo Rivolta entrepreneur dreams of sports cars that bear his name. In northern Italy Bresso builds his company heaters and refrigerators, and developed in the fifties a spherical micro-carts, the BMW later saves his neck: the Isetta . The fresh capital will flow into the beautiful debut feature Iso Rivolta IR 300, is heavily involved in the ex-Ferrari man Giotto Bizzarrini. As Rivolta died in 1966 at age 55, takes his son Piero the company. The bogged down with other models such as the edgy Lele or the hapless four-door Fidia. In 1974 carried out the bankruptcy.

Lamborghini Miura P400 S The Miura with its brutal V12 mid-engine is the prototype of the modern supercars.The emphasis is on the prototype.Because really ready seems to be never become the Lamborghini.Firstly, I would be this car just anschmachten: the plastic eyelashes around the headlamps, the three-winged central locking of alloy wheels and all – the waist-high body body cover with the louvers in the rear, cause the heat and noise of the 370-horsepower V12 outside. But by sight alone you will not be satisfied. All aboard. Or rather, to slip. The boarding of the Miura cockpits succeed easier than I thought. But then: Normal Grown legs are in the bucket seat as an expectant mother in the delivery room, the head abuts the headliner. It almost seems as if the urge Gift Green has a humility before the user’s finger has touched the start button.

Technical Specifications Ferrari Iso Lamborghini
Engine design V12 V8 V12
Mounting position forward along forward along Rear center cross
Valves / camshaft 2 per cylinder / 4 2 per cylinder / 1 2 per cylinder / 4
Camshaft drive Chain
Capacity 4390 cc 5390 cc 3929 cc
Power kW (PS) b. 1 / min 259 (352) / 7500 257 (350) / 5800 272 (370) / 7500
Specific Output 80 hp / l 65 hp / l 94 hp / l
Torque Nm b. 1 / min 432/5400 489/3600 378/5500
Transmission 5-speed manual 4-speed manual 5-speed manual
Drive Rear wheel
Brakes front / rear Discs / wheels Discs / wheels Discs / wheels
Tyre size, front / rear 215/70 R 15/225/70 R15 215/70 R 15 215/70 R 15/225/70 R15
Length Width Height 4425/1760/1245 mm 4760/1750/1425 mm 4360/1760/1050 mm
Wheelbase 2400 mm 2700 mm 2500 mm
Tropic left / right * 14.1 / 12.9 m 12.4 / 12.7 m 12.1 / 13.8 m
Tank volume 100 l 95 l 90 l
Empty weight * 1547 kg 1453 kg 1305 kg
Power to weight ratio 4.4 kg / hp 4.2 kg / hp 3.5 kg / hp
Weight distribution 50/50% 50/50% 43/57%
maximum weight allowed 1650 kg 1950 kg 1400 kg
Acceleration 0-100 km / h * 6.0 s 6.0 s 4.6 s
Top speed 270 km / h 250 km / h 280 km / h
Ø consumption / 100 km 20-23 l Super 19-21 l Super 18-20 l Super
Cost oil change / inspection 450/920 Euro 350/780 Euro 520/1100 Euro
Value (condition 2) 270.000 Euro 130.000 Euro 360.000 Euro
* Readings